The Training of O - Lyla Storm Endurance Testing/ Beretta James Training day 4thumb
The Training of O - Lyla Storm Endurance Testing/ Beretta James Training day 4thumb

DVD The Training of O - Lyla Storm Endurance Testing/ Beretta James Training day 4

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Title Information

We start with a short review and decide that today is the day for her to be broken. We have to get her past her fear of failure, and by breaking her, but reassuring her her, it shows 004 that she has not failed. She is advancing quickly and this is the last day I have with her before her evaluation.

Layla has been hand selected to fit a specific look that Master Acworth has requested. It is clear that we have a lot of work to do if we plan on making this bratty trainee into a true slave. The day starts with upper body strength testing. I want to know how strong her body and mind is. The body will always wear out, but a strong mind can push just a bit further.

The day continues with sadistic bondage that inescapable to test her mind, by taking all control away from her. The bondage is manipulated to constantly get worse as the scene goes on. Her pussy is then violated and by the end she cannot move at all and has a hook in her pussy keeps her head pulled tight.

The final scene tests her lower body. She is made to squat on a dildo and fuck it for as long as she is told without being allowed to orgasm. She is shaping up, but there is still a lot of work to do before she's ready to be called a slave

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Release date
xxx Adult
Running time
102 Mins
Tech features
No Regional Coding, All regions, shot in HD
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